Sunday, July 05, 2009

Dissent is Patriotic


  1. Anonymous18:38

    Amen Admiral Amen

  2. Anonymous07:31

    It amazes me how the MSM is treating the peacful Tea Parties, either by burying the stories,ignoring us,or trying to misrepresent us as a bunch of kooks.

    Yet,they praise the liberal punk kids who, smashing windows,burning cars,and causing all sorts of havoc.

  3. TEA Party totally ignored this round. No matter. Here, have fun with your new internet notoriety :-) courtesy of yours truly :-D

  4. Red,
    I guess getting tickets to Michael Jackson's memorial service is much more important than anything the taxpayers have to say.

  5. Jihad Gene: EEh HEE! Jamon! BTW I hear Kim Jong Il's new nickname is "Scud".

  6. Jihad Gene! Excellent point! That's why I'm not watching any of it anymore. Even Sean Hannity has been all over the MJ story - on radio & Fox. Please??? Do they not think our voices are loud enough?

    GET LOUD! Is what I say!!

  7. Yeah. I tire of it.


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