Sunday, July 05, 2009

Acrobat Burglars in Britian

Home Owners Associations have always seemed to create mountains out of molehills. This story is a case in point. I am not real happy with the association in my neighborhood. I think the best word to describe my feeling would be busybody.

Whether it is the type of fence is around your property, what color you want to paint your house or some grass clippings on the sidewalks. There seems to be no end to the list of irresponsible and callous actions you may undertake while living under the watchful all seeing eye of the Association.

On to the story about Mr. Nice:

Matthew Nice, 36, said he was warned by his housing association that the 3ft wide toy posed a safety risk and ordered to keep it inside.

Mr Nice, a social housing tenant at the three-storey block in Wicklow, Essex, has refused to comply, saying that his eight-year-old daughter Yasmin plays on the 12 in high trampoline every day

"It's complete rubbish anyone would use it to help them break in," the health and safety inspector said. "There are wheelie bins around here and they are much taller than that.

"It would be a dumb burglar who would try to use a tiny trampoline to jump in a window. The housing association is not making any allowances and this is just taking things too far. It's the only area children have got to play in."

This is a classic example of a supreme busy body. I had a few of these types in my old place.

"We have absolutely no problem with Mr Nice's daughter using it. We simply asked him if he could bring it inside when she has finished playing on it and it is not being supervised."

There is a precedent for criminals taking advantage of stray trampolines. In 2007 a heroin addict who burgled a police inspector's garage in Harrogate, North Yorkshire, evaded arrest by using one to vault over a fence.   SOURCE
They always travel in packs and speak as a "we" type of entity. It could be because they are cowards and will seem petty and idiotic if they say, I don't like your trampoline in you own fenced back yard. Your child is keeping from splendid slumber or afternoon delight when she is bouncing around on it making all that noise. It kills the whoopee mood when you hear laughing and giggling children.


  1. Well, they are cowards. Rather than deal with issues, they prefer instead to create a mob of busy bodies dolling out their own immature brand of justice.

    Nationally, they continue to vote for ninnies who promise them a nanny existence in a giant day care center for adults and everyone else.

    I heard some lady on the radio the other day, in response to a debate obout Ohio changing the speed limit from 65 to 70 - 'Well, I think 65 is fast enough..." Look lady, that's what the right hand slow lane is for.

  2. Perhaps people need to escape 'real' issues, so they focus on unimportant stuff and do what they can to make it important...just a thought.
    I say, "can't we just get along?"

  3. They are cowards and would rather harass you than do something productive...


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