Tuesday, June 16, 2009

What in the Hell

If ever there was a picture that screamed "ridicule this," it has to be this one.

The second most photographed person in Washington D.C. actually takes her dog out for the morning shit looking like this? She is either completely clueless or just does not give a damn. The way Obama is appointing Czars you think they could find a "Take the white house mutt out for it's daily shit" Czar and save the world from these horrid pictures being taken.

Nothing else I could say could do this photograph justice.

Yeah; as far as a first lady goes, she is a disgrace.

There is no class in the white house at this time.


  1. A dog leading a dog in jig-a-boo pants at that...

  2. They always say "clothes make a person". I can't bring myself to say what that outfit makes her look like. If my mother was still alive, she'd wash my mind out just for thinking it.

  3. Just think, in another six months she'll be shuffling around dressed in a nasty bathrobe dragging around that stoopid mutt while stepping in dog shit with her fuzzy slippers.

  4. She gots a big ass for sure. And yea, I'm at kind of a loss as well.

    She did look a lot better pretending she was doing hard labor in very dark disco clothes on a sunny day.


    Michelle. Go back to pretending.

    Holy Carp.

  5. I shouldn't a done it. I just blew up the picture.

    As they say in North Dakota - OOOFTA !

  6. Anonymous21:59

    Next we'll see that classless cow in a moo moo and fuzzy slippers while that booger eating moron she's married to trots along behind in sweat pants carrying a pooper scooper.

    The mutt on the leash isn't the only mutt living in the White House.

  7. Anonymous22:38


  8. The dogs tail looks like the back of her head.

  9. I wonder if there is a Dog Shit Czar that goes around with the pooper scooper?

  10. look at the arse on that. The FL has gehtto booty.

  11. Decorum for the first family is now a thing of the past. She dresses like the crack whores around where I work.

    The TOTUS attending functions sans tie...Hey Dude, you're representing my country and I would prefer you do it looking professional, the hell with "cool".

  12. Anonymous16:52


  13. I really don't understand you people. Just because she is the First Lady, doesn't mean she has to walk her dog in style. She is at home when she isn't working at social functions. I'm sure all of you wear comfortable clothes around home and I really abhorr the racial slurs found here.

    Get a life people. Remember, those without sin cast the first stone. Another great cliche is that people who live in glass houses shouldn't throw stones.

    Have a nice day.

  14. What I abhorr is her husband supporting partial birth abortion. Perhaps you should focus on writing about that to them instead of on a blog that you clearly do not agree with. As far as her being at home, HOME, is funded with tax dollars. As far as her being criticized, she knew what she was getting into when her husband got into office. That is the price of being in the public eye. This is reality. People should not throw stones? You did by criticizing the bloggers. Are you the lone perfect person?

  15. Mary, you state you are a Christian on your blog yet you are siding with the wife of someone who supports killing babies.

  16. at Mary..

    If it were just about schlepping whilst walking her dog, I could quite honestly say, yep we are being bitchy .. you know it isnt just about that. They (Mr and Mrs Obama) are crass, common and completely clueless with regards to etiquette in most situations. Look at the visit to London to see the Queen. The huge chip on her shoulder is quite evident and I for one dont care if shes black white, yellow or pink. I dont like her and the same can be said for a lot of people

    You people? Give me a break. How do you like the change now? Koolaide doesnt taste so good now I bet.

  17. It is said that those who are easily offended by anothers view points are actually afraid of the truth.

  18. Is she holding the leash between the crack in her ass?? At least it frees up her hands to scoop up the dog shit.

  19. Mary:

    Even the Hillary never was photographed in anything this terrible.

    Face it, the white house is inhabited by classless, clueless and vapid idiots.

  20. USA~ your last comment above...sad, but true.

    Happy Father's Day all, anyway!



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