Monday, June 15, 2009

What I did Sunday





  1. You teasing them gators? Ya know I hear they say people taste just like chicken, of course that's after you ferment a bit in their hidey-hole.

  2. You fed yourself to the gators???

  3. Neat. You know bullsharks have been making their way up the Mississippi. I hope the gators show 'em who's boss.

  4. Nice pics of a real live "Albert",minus "Pogo"and the rest of the Fenokee crew. Been yrs since I was up there,still mighty pretty though.

  5. Good thing they got the alligators are dangerous sign up. I'd a never guessed. Think I'll go in the woods and feed some bears now.

  6. Nothing like a little gator-watching! LOL!

  7. Dangerous signs.. you would think no one would need a sign LOL! Hope you had a good time!

  8. Ha! 17 years ago yesterday (6-20-92) my husband & I set off for our honeymoon in Charleston & then Kiawah Island. My then-new husband was almost a widower within a week b/c his dare-devil bride did just what you did in these pictures!

    As I recall...that may have been our first married 'fight'! No worries, though, he forgave me very shortly thereafter! :)


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