Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Terry Lee Hankins Executed

Texas Executes number 200. 

Justice still lives in Texas.

HUNTSVILLE — A self-described “non-caring monster” who took responsibility for killing five relatives was executed Tuesday evening for the slayings of his two stepchildren.

Hankins, 34, surrendered at his girlfriend’s Arlington apartment in 2001 after a five-hour standoff with police who wanted him for gunning down his estranged wife, Tammy, 34, and her children, Devin Galley, 12, and Ashley Mason, 11. Hankins then told officers he’d also killed his father and half-sister almost a year earlier.   SOURCE


  1. Rick Perry has topped Dubya's record and I hope he does even more of these bottom feeders.

  2. Wilson's in the box, Dellinger's on deck, it's the top of the second.

    Batter Up!

  3. He was the perfect canadidate to be Governor Perry's 200!

  4. Hopefully more to come!

  5. Anonymous10:37

    Bye Bye dirt bag.


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