Tuesday, June 09, 2009

The Medusa look

Do we have the "Medusa" dwelling in the white house?

How many pictures of this Medusa have we seen taken while she is scowling with her "man" arms crossed?

It just seems to be her natural look. I for one am waiting for the asps to sprout out of her head and bite someone.


  1. Don't insult Medusa. Muh'shell is obviously Klingon.

  2. And obviously can't take a snark!

  3. Always scowling,look on her face like she just stepped in dog shit,especially if there is a honkey present.Lots of attitude there,that smirk kinda says it all.

  4. I swear that woman just hates everything about her life and she's going to make me pay for it.

  5. Anonymous16:28

    Yeah, that is definitely a look that could kill.

    Then again, I've always suspected she was just another bitter and angry radical. Clinging to her leftist ideology and Marxist ways.

  6. Anonymous17:08

    She looks like she is constipated with hemorrhoids

  7. All of Michelle's friends are lawyers and has her $300 + plus tennis shoes tied one-at-a-time by personal assistants, just like the rest of us! Give her a break!

    H. Clinton

  8. Wow, that next to last pic has Mrs. O with a really nasty, turn your Daddy's pecker to mush look.

    Nostrils all flared like a pitball with his muzzle stuck in a gopher hole, eyeballs locked in Slap You Bitch Target Mode.

    Like she smelled Obama Man Juice on that woman.

    And there's NO way to mistake THAT smell either.

    Smells like Stalin's asshole.

  9. She is just plain an angry woman...

  10. She is butt fuck ugly. Get the sack!

  11. Anonymous13:43

    You can take the SAVAGE out of the GHETTO, but never take the GHETTO out of the SAVAGE. Medusa looks like Miss America Compared to Transvestite Michelle.

  12. I don't know what's worse - the scowl or when she finally does smile, her huge teeth that look like they're going to tear you apart!

  13. She's a bitch. End of story.

  14. well you know who really wears the pants in that family...
    one things for certain she really likes to shop. Staying an extra day in paris and all. I thought to myself, I wonder if at some point she will anounce shes pregnant..but by looking at these picks his pecker would shrivel up and die, i mean he has no bollocks anyway. If she does end up knocked up, it would be the immaculate conception.


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