Monday, June 01, 2009

Last Week of School

Then things will slow down for about three weeks. Then summer school begins.

I have had a busy weekend and at the moment catching up on reading the blogs.

Another thought for today,

Obama continues to rape the Republic and most people in the country are just looking on.

If Pravda gets it and half of the American public does not then we deserve marxism.

Here comes the Hope and Change.


  1. Two and a half days for me and I can't wait....

  2. Everyone -- EVERYONE -- must remain vigilant!

    The minute we get complacent, that will be the end.

    I for one am not willing to let that happen.

  3. Pravda gets it...

  4. Oh that's so "F"d up...but true.

  5. We're about half a lock step from facism. Be ready people.

  6. Anonymous11:29

    scary pic

  7. This one frightens me. PCC is absolutely right & so is Brooke.

    Can midterm elections get here soon enough? Can they really do Nationalized health care before then? What other damage will they do between now & then?????


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