Sunday, June 14, 2009

Happy Birthday to the Finest Army anywhere on earth

The United States Army


  1. Thank you for your comment on my site--I've just linked yours via my favorites list...

  2. Bless The US ARMY! May GOD watch over them and protect them. GO ARMY!

  3. Happy Birthday and God Bless the United States Army (I was Navy but hey, we're all on the same team!)

  4. Go Army! We're going army, well DLI anyway, in a few weeks to visit out daughter who is stationed in Monterey, CA.

  5. Red:
    I was in the Air Force but I figured we are on the same team too.

    That will be one great trip.

  6. My boy didn't know until I told him after reading your post. I was amazed that the birthday and history of the Army wasn't part of Basic.

    G-d bless all those serving to protect our country and extend freedom to all around the world.

  7. I never knew the Army even celebrated a birthday. I've asked plenty of them and they have no idea when the birthday is.

    You don't get that from us jarheads ;) 10 November!! OOOH RAH!

  8. I missed it. I'm a bad G.I.


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