Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Am I going to Hell

Sometimes you have to wonder what reality some people live in. Here is an example. Beware, the person that left the comment below used the race card.

mrsmacon01 has left a new comment on your post "Thomas Treshawn Ivey Executed":

well i personally think it was wrong for them to kill this man one because he was young and scared and the other is because u are punishing him for taking someone else's life but those people are taking his life too! the people that killed him should die to right? im black and im thinking that u all are white and i think u are racist i really don't care what u say after this i could careless u dumb white people is all u are. we expect u to say that about black people anyway especially if they killed someone thats the same color as u....i think u all are going to hell u cannot go to the gates of heaven like that...i think it was time for him to have peace u white people have did him wrong for too glad he is in a better place u wanna know why because i know god has forgiven him...

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First off, you really need to stay as far away from keyboards and computers as you can. My suggestion to you is try watching something like American Idol, Survivor or an Obama press conference rerun. By doing this you will deal yourself a lot less damage without having to worry about punctuation, spelling, sentence construction and making even a little bit of sense when you are writing your comments.

There is no color in executions. There is a murderer being executed for killing other human being. Under the skin we are all more or less the same.

By using the racist label you have convinced me that you don't care what the murderer did or that he was not at fault because he was young. It was the Janitor's fault or the Police Officers fault in the fact they ran into this murderous bastard.

The reason he was executed was because Thomas Treshawn Ivey was a murderer while in the midst of a crime spree. Ivey gave his victims (there was two of them) no chance for an appeal or a second chance. He just killed them.

If God found it possible to forgive that murdering son of a bitch, then I am sure he will forgive me for this.


  1. Blame the NEA for the retarded note that nice commenter left.

  2. Blacks these days tend to forgive any crime committed by one of their brothers because to them the system is racist and that excuses all transgressions.

  3. Hmmmm. An Obama voter, no doubt.

    First, my comments on the prior thread were made in complete ignorance of the perp's race. It makes no difference to me. Black, white, pink, gray or purple. If ya wanna play ya gotta pay.

    Young and scared is no excuse to kill someone. Perhaps some young and scared black dude can slice the commenter up and then, just before he slides headlong into Eternity,he can rejoice that it wasn't some dumb white guy that just turned him into sausage.

    I'm sorry, but I just cannot escape the impression that this guy's crowning lifetime intellectual achievement was wrapping his mind around the question, "Do you want to Supersize that?"

  4. Yep, I thought so. There is absolutely no mention of race in the Ivey thread.

    Mrsmacon01 - your ignorance is surpassed only by your bad grammer and your lack of theological underpinnings. If Ivey did not repent of his sins (like we all must or face the consequences) then he is not in a better place.

    Personally, God's grace is sufficient even for murderers. If Ivey afforded himself the opportunity - after all he had a lot more time to contemplate his sins than he gave his victim - indeed he is in a better place.

    Race has nothing to do with it. And because of that - you really don't have a single intelligent thing to say. Not that it stopped you.

  5. If he was told he had to learn to spell or have to get a job he would probably win the world spelling bee first.

  6. Aw, fuck off, Sambo.

  7. Oops! Did I say that in my out loud voice?

    Sorry about that...

  8. Anonymous02:09

    I don't buy that stuff either guys. Every person who commented here can relate to having been young and scared. I know I can.

  9. "Every person who commented here can relate to having been young and scared. I know I can."

    Really? How stupid is your comment when the fact is that:

    An Alabama man who broke out of jail 16 years ago and fatally shot a police officer and another man in the midst of a crime spree was executed by lethal injection Friday in South Carolina's death chamber.

    I don't know. I've been young and scared. I've been older and scared. I'm middle aged and more scared than ever that I might lose everything to this fucked up economy. Everything I've ever worked my ass off to get HONESTLY. Killing someone in the middle of a crime spree hasn't crossed my mind as an alternative to hard work.

    I'm glad they fried the fucker. NEXT!

  10. Anonymous10:13

    Oh the shame of it!!!! The ugly nasty race cards rears its disgusting head yet again.

    CRIME AND PUNISHMENT have no color. If you break the law no matter if you are purple in color you do the time or get the needle.

    Frankly, I think their type of death is too easy. Stand the mother fucker up against a wall and shoot him, or hang em high, or put his head on the chopping block. Now there is divine just. Who said that killing these pieces of shit has to be KIND AND HUMANE. Where these pieces of shit kind and humane to the people they murdered???????

    And this person has the audacity to say he was YOUNG.... Well let me tell you sister, I have met 10 year olds on the street that had more "street smarts and evil in their hearts" then a 80 year old man. They don't live like the rest of us, they live like ANIMALS.. This animal got executed. As the above poster said, NEXT!!!!!!!

    Now go put down your race card and play gin rummy with Reverend Al THE RACE BAITER, that shit doesn't work anymore. I as a WHITE AMERICAN is tired of hearing this race crap and you black folk trying to GUILT me into BLACK GUILT. I ain't buying it.

  11. Anonymous11:33

    The racist card has become so cheap and overplayed by the left that it really means nothing anymore. Calling someone a racist is just a way of saying you can't stand the fact that they don't agree with your poorly developed, silly leftist views.

    Thomas Treshawn Ivey met the fate he sought out.

  12. Ever wonder why black inner city neighborhoods are so run down and neglected? Why no one wants to move there and why they seem to get worse by the day? I am thinking it is because the blacks harbour criminals instead of turning these criminals in to the authorities. Now not every "authority' deserves to be one as we see on t.v. at times where 'authorities' get out of control and use improper procedure and judgment. But the bigger crime is harbouring criminals who will most likely repeat their offenses and get progressively worse. "Oops, I stole something" is a mistake that can be rectified. "Oops I killed someone" is not. The blacks would rather suffer under the guise of "taking care of their own" than help themselves by ridding their neighborhoods of these miscreants. Their inaction keeps perpetuating black on black crime. It isn't the white man going off into these neighborhoods now is it?

  13. Anonymous14:40

    U are knot a racists. Sorry I had to do this.

  14. As a dispatcher, I find that most white people with charges are actually convicted and JAILED. You would be surprised at the rap sheets of blacks who are out free without ever serving time. I have even seen some with homicide convictions. A white person WILL be the example first. If it was you and I, we WOULD be in jail on a first felony. Society keeps giving certain people a chance to improve, that just turns into a chance to hurt someone. Also before anyone reads into what I wrote, these are just my findings in the area I live. I don't know what the actual statistics are nationwide.

  15. You're dead on Admiral. (No pun intended)

  16. Anonymous09:30

    Deadman said:

    "Really? How stupid is your comment when the fact is..."

    Um, either you misunderstood me or you can't read. You even said of yourelf,

    "I don't know. I've been young and scared. I've been older and scared. I'm middle aged and more scared than ever that I might lose everything to this fucked up economy..."

    That was precisely my point, and even though you have been what you say, you apparently haven't murdered using that as an excuse.

    So the excuse, "young and scared" by the former commenter is invalid, since we've all had episodes in life where in that condition.

    Young and scared is temporary. Taking a life is permanent. How smart do you have to be to see the difference?

    I congratulate you for acquiring all you have through hard work. I take exception, however, to the name-calling, especially when you obviously had no idea what the hell I was talking about.

  17. "The racist card has become so cheap and overplayed by the left that it really means nothing anymore. Calling someone a racist is just a way of saying you can't stand the fact that they don't agree with your poorly developed, silly leftist views."

    Yep~ What PJ said...


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