Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Thoughts for Today



The president and his Pervert Brother.


  1. Ha! The virgins...


  2. I'll tell ya what, that new President of ours sure has some classy kin folk. Makes you start to wonder if the "classiness" of the relatives was inherited by Obama as well.

    And, yes, I'm being sarcastic. You have to be in this day and age.

    And that first pic of the 72 virgins, I think Bin-Laden's wives must look like that.

  3. Anonymous11:47

    OH i need bleach after seeing the one of the reporter... she is one of the ugliest women on the planet...

    thanks for the laughs.

    ps...... that pic of obambi and his bro cracked me up, how in the hell did his brother get a shirt from Kentucky???? This state is not a fan of the Obambi's at all.

  4. I bet That Kentucky shirt came from a red cross shimpment of donated clothes..

    Those camels...LMAO

  5. Anonymous12:54

    I have a pic somewhere of 21 nuns holding rifles and shotguns. The caption reads something to the effect, "I'll bet they didn't count on these 21 virgins".

  6. Anonymous13:01

    I need some eye and brain bleach after the Helen Thomas pictures.

  7. Anonymous13:34

    Think we would have heard more about this is if it were Palin's brother instead...?

    Great post.

  8. Camels, are far and away the best lookin subjects in those pics.Helen Thomas,might make em rethink strappin on the TNT.Bro,will probably be a house guest soon,kinda like Jimmy and Billy.

  9. All excellent pics!

  10. That last pic looks like an undercover surveillance photo of two wannabe pimps leaving a porn shop.

  11. They both look like perverts to me... Fucking pricks

  12. Mad, the rugby groups here in Scotland have a song called 'Four and Twenty Virgins Came Down from Inverness', I'm sure you'll find the words online. I'm also sure none of the Scots virgins would be daft enough to sit in cages to protest. Us Scots women are made of more intelligent stuff.

  13. Subrosa:
    That song is hilarious. I may have to do a post on it.


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