Friday, April 10, 2009

Some levity is required

I am in one of these moods.

May your Friday be just what you need it to be.


  1. ninja of the nasty lol

  2. Happy Friday to ya! Good to start it off right! It's good Friday.

  3. Hope your Friday is a good one...

  4. It cracks me up when that singer looks so into his song. Does he care that he's talking about farting? No! Love it!

  5. Anonymous11:07

    The tiny thong wearer reminds me of a conversation with the wife. Told her I was going to wear one to the beach but it would look like a kite string on a Redwood tree. Her comment back was it's more like a rubber band on a marshmallow.

    Guess I'll rethink that one.

  6. Anonymous11:39

    Love their commercials,they crack me up.

  7. Anonymous12:38

    what hubby forgot to comment about other then the thong bikin thing he was going to wear at the beach he is a compulsive cellphone holster wearer. I think he was one of the originals. ............

    Hears the theme from a Clint Eastwood movie in the background, you know the one, with the whistling!!! LOL

  8. Anonymous12:41

    What my lovely Mrs forgot to mention was I quit wearin the cell phone holster after my thong wound up around my ankles pulled down by the weight of the phone.

  9. Anonymous12:44

    I didnt think it was the weight of the cellphone strapped to the thong, i thought it was the weight of the two rolls of quarters that happened to fall into the front of your thong.

  10. Anonymous12:46

    That was the money I used to pay for the cup of coffee in each hand and dozen donuts I brought back with my "built in carrier".

  11. Anonymous12:50


  12. Oh, to think I used to ache and long

    For a thing so lovely as a thong.

    A thong so thin, like silk, so light

    Can barely hold my acorns tight.

    But of you're blessed with bowling balls,

    You'll find a thong won't help at all.

    Get some bindings from a leather store

    If you want to keep those puppies off the floor.

  13. Good ones, thanks for the laughs!

  14. Time for some levity, indeed! Elm's right, the guy singing his song was just hilarious! Can't wait to show my husband these!

    Thanks, USA.


  15. Happy Easter to you! Keep the faith! VN8

  16. Admiral- I love those commercials. Every time I hear one I always end up laughing. I know it doesn't take much.


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