Wednesday, April 29, 2009


Nice plane prank you clueless bastard.


  1. If I was a new York attorney I'd be rounding up business owners and filing a class action suit against Obama for lost productivity.

    As if the economy doesn't suck enough, we have our own "president" taking a stab at what Osama set out to do by taking down the Twin Towers.

    What a clueless asshole.

  2. I'd sue the administration for emotional trauma and suffering, loss of productivity and violation of thier own green earth ethics reform they have been cramming down everyone's throat.

    One rule for them, one rule for us plebes.

  3. I'd love to see New Yorkers sue that SOB lawyer. Serves him right.

  4. Anonymous10:34

    I agree with all the posters above..........Sue this MFer.......... huge class actioin lawsuit would surely be a slap in the face to this arrogant prick.

  5. And I disagree with ALL of you.

    We are such a sue-happy world. We all think we have a right not to be annoyed or offended or antagonized or inconvenienced.

    And someplace on some blog I saw who was REALLY to blame - the police. (isn't it always their fault? Sigh). The fact is we have much bigger fish to fry... for example, Congress will be screwing us again today, but they are smart enough to re-direct our attention to the ongoing "Republicans versus Democrats" thing so we don't notice that something like 90% of Congressmen/women are the same one's we had LAST administration. They're the ones dicking us MUCH more than any single administration.

    Just my useless two cents. Cpdcoppur will vouch for me that I'm not COMPLETELY crazy. (i hope)

  6. Get Obama out - clueless is right! Oh & as for Congress...get 'em ALL out & then impose TERM LIMITS!!!

  7. Hey, Meadowlark - This isn't about suing for inconvenience.

    Jesus Christ. This was stupidity of brobdingnagian proportions.

  8. Anonymous15:40

    What a idiot!

  9. I think we pought to have a MIG 29 and a Tu-142 buzz the White nice and slow. Photo op for Putin. I'll make sure he calls Metro Police and then tells them not to tell anyone for security reasons.

  10. Does anyone ever have the impression that our attention is being diverted, while something even more wicked is going on?

    Just a thought...

  11. Every day, Annie. Every single day.

    Like I mentioned, doesn't it make more sense to divide us along party lines so we don't pay attention to the screwing Congress has given us for the last 20+ years?

    It's sad.

  12. Every single day. Like MeadowLark said. It is the sucker punches that you never see coming.

  13. Another diversion...Swine Flu. I looked up the symptoms...same as any other flu. (and yes, sometimes people die from it)

    So, if we pinpointed all the people in the whole world that had a headache today.....PANDEMIC!!!


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