Monday, April 13, 2009

A Message from Barack Hussein Obama II


  1. LOL!!

    I bet they have that on his teleprompter.

  2. At least he can write what he is- a big ZERO.

  3. He should have stayed in his own country.

  4. And, Elm leads with a nasty right hook to the jaw. Very nice,I am sure in a real fight you could take him.

    I am still looking at his ears for a ear bud and microphone,I am sure it is there and George Soros or Rahm Emanuel is on the other end of it.

  5. Typical wigger, you have to show them what to do because they have never worked a day in their life.

  6. Elm ~ clever...

    People's eyes glaze over when you start talking trillions. We don't get how MUCH that is...

  7. his zero are almost as big as his ears!!!


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