Sunday, April 05, 2009

Idiots, they dwell among us, in greater numbers too

In one of the more interesting comment threads I found this Pearl of wisdom from msmarr1999.

While well written, the abyss of ignorance this commenter resides in leads me to believe that we have reached a tipping point in what is morally right and morally wrong. When you cannot distinguish between the two it is a telling sign of the state of, and where our society is going as a whole.

OpenID msmarr1999 said...

You guys are so full of it. If we whipped Atlanta's animan gangbangers, burglars and forgers like this you would be all for it. Mention Taliban and suddenly, oh, it's a travesty. They are savages.

4/4/09 06:28 Delete

I would personally like to see gangbangers , burglars, forgers, bad check writers, politicians, and thieves all beaten on street corners. They did something wrong.

Saying "No" to a Taliban commander and his offer of marriage is not a flogging offense.

As perplexed as I was about this delusional comment I figured there was no way I could respond without rudeness and callousness (See above).

I figured one of my fellow Bloggers could offer up a tactful counterpoint that the commenter could understand and would (well maybe) alleviate all ignorance.

I got my wish as as Sig94 stepped up to the plate and knocked it out of the park.

sig94 said...

The idiot who wrote the comment above this one does not seem to realize that beatings used to be directed towards offenders right here in America. This practice has disappeared centuries ago. Personally I feel it is a much more effective tool (both in cost and behavior modification) than prison and/or therapy. Getting your ass beat is a meal that sticks to your ribs, so to speak.

That being said, it is not the beating so much that raises our collective blood pressure, but the reason for it. Shaia law is an abomination. This girl was beaten like an animal because she allegedly committed adultery. I find that hard hard to believe because she would have been beheaded. Other information indicates that she refused to marry a Taliban commander.

And you put her into the same category as gangbangers and burglars? Someone hold the lantern steady whilst wunderkind msmarr attempts to dig his head out of his arse.

Thank you Sig94.

The original Post Here.


  1. I would like to see all the bleeding heart liberal assbags that defend savage muslim behavior to live under the sharia for a month.

  2. I figured one of my fellow Bloggers could offer up a tactful counterpoint that the commenter could understand and would (well maybe) alleviate all ignorance.

    FUCK YOU, msmarr1999!

  3. No problem Admiral.
    Any time.

  4. Good job, sig!
    And Hammer.....gotta agree with you.

  5. Anonymous22:21

    Great job Admiral and Sig................. These fucking savages are just that savages....They need to be stopped. She was beaten like a junk yard dog. No one should have taken that beating, NO ONE.............These muslim nut head extremists need to be stopped........... They are lunatics!!!!

    The liberals will write this off as.............Well this didnt happen in our country, we dont do that....... Well bullshit!!! They are doing honor killings all over this country and calling it domestic violence when it isnt. It is simple, it is murder because of religious oppression by these psycho's!!!!! We need to put up stricter laws here in this country and not just a damn domestic violence case. But the fucking Obamanation will grinfuck us, as he sleeps with the devil himself. Impeach this bastard and lets go back to AMERICA, the land of the free and the home of the brave.

  6. Anonymous11:32

    The libtards slogan ought to be; "do as I say, not as I do". Nothing like a double standard.

  7. What a human being to think that a teenage girl deserved a beating. Good job Sig94 for telling it like it is.


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