Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Water Conservation, it sucks

It is time for the quarterly ass-raping from our local monopoly utility authority.

JEA discovered that water conservation not only saves water, but also reduces their revenues. So in order counteract this grievous and costly error, they will raise the rate they charge for water usage.

  JEA tries in vain to place their heads
in the up and locked position yet again.

So in my case, less will still cost me more. This brings us to today's jewel of a story.

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. -- Keeping the faucet off and taking shorter showers may soon cost Jacksonville residents extra.

JEA said it is considering a water rate hike that would essentially have consumers paying more money for doing their part to conserve.

The reason behind the possible rate hike is a decline in consumption.
No shit.
Many residents in Duval County have seen advertisements, including the one from the St. Johns River Water Management District in partnership with JEA, preaching restrictions and water conservation.

Everyone is expected do their part to conserve water, but a JEA representative said the utility's revenue is down and people using less water is the reason.

"We have fewer housing starts and less people moving into this area. There are a lot of reason we're seeing a decline in our revenue," said JEA spokeswoman Geri Boyce.

JEA's decline in revenue will most likely result in a higher JEA bill for many consumers. Depending on how much water consumers use every month, they could pay 10 percent more.

The proposal of a rate increase has many Jacksonville residents upset and concerned.

"I'm very worried about it. The average consumer can't afford another rate increase," said consumer Peggy Thrift.

"It is a matter of balance between people saving this water source and us being able to pay for fixed cost for delivering that service," Boyce said. "It's up to us to make sure our customers have clean water - regardless of how many customers we have, our costs remain the same."

Boyce said JEA would hold a public hearing on May 19 to consider an increase in water and sewage rates.  SOURCE


  1. Anonymous09:22

    I think we should carefully use the water resources.We've got to be united to save earth! Earth Hour is practiced at large scale in all developed and developing countries but there has been more publicity and awareness this year, as well as participation from large corporations like which is a good sign - that there is still hope and that people still care!

    Let's all do this, no matter where you are! Saturday, 28 March 2009. Lights off from 8.30pm to 9.30pm!

  2. I think if the water association is giving an ultimatum, then by all means use as much water as you possibly can. Don't fix those leaky faucets. Leave the water running when you brush your teeth!

    Seriously, that is the dumbest thing I have heard today.

  3. JEA never fails to underwhelm.

    Nothing like a benevolent Government that cares.

    Sarcasm Off.

  4. Oops... we didn't THINK about losing revenue, so we'll just charge you more! Gotta LOVE the stoopidity on display... sigh...

  5. Anonymous15:26

    When will it all stop.

  6. SWFMD,has screwed up the West coast for yrs now. They have bought up thousands of acres,taken it off the tax roles in the respective counties,either mis-managed it,till it grew into a jungle,or hired people and bought expensive equipment to make parks and hiking trails for a very few users. They spend millions each year buying TV time to "educate" a mostly don't give a crap public,on how to brush your teeth and flush your toilet.all on our tax dollars.

  7. Yet another reason I am glad I live in the country and have a well.

  8. what until the smart grid techonology gets going.. our electric consumption will be regulated, and if you crank up the ac or heat you will pay more for it.

  9. Hi, I love your blog...I found your link over on DD2's blog.
    I'll be back again soon and often. Thanks for your support

  10. Anonymous13:39

    Same thing is going on here in Atlanta too.

  11. How'd you get that picture of me in my Pilates class this morning?



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