Friday, March 20, 2009

Thoughts for a Friday

The Obama Volunteers

A thought about Muslims

A thought about some bloggers

Have a back up plan no matter what the reason

Nothing keeps the enemy suppressed like mortar fire. Use it often and pray they don't have counter-battery capacity.


  1. I think I resemble number 3.

    Dig the barracks wall behind him.

  2. the first one passed the house yesterday...scary as hell.

    At least it will be easy to pick out targets..they will be the ones wearing jack boots and obama T-shirts

  3. I find that I am usually suppressed by eating cheese. Sometimes for days on end. The end results are very similar to the photo.

  4. Anonymous14:15

    I like number 4

  5. Well, the Obama volunteers should not be using guns. Aren't they the ones telling us that guns are violent? Can you spell hypocrites? I don't think they can.

    The blogging guy pic is hilarious!

  6. Are you okay Mr. USA??? You're scaring the hell out of me.

  7. "Nothing keeps the enemy suppressed like mortar fire."

    I always though carpet-bombing by a B-52 was pretty effective.

  8. Anonymous22:22

    Great thought provoking and funny as hell pics as usual.. you and hubby have a knack for them .....

    The whole obamanation hitler youth thing is scaring the hell out of me.... He doesnt want guns, but is going to put them in the hands of civilians sworn to him??????? come on now.... let them join the peace corp or something. this is ridiculous.

    the blogger pics made me crack up.. great one!!

  9. I love your Unity patch although I would prefer both parties to be stuffed and mounted on a wall.

  10. Anonymous09:37

    In my Observation. I find that your blog has so much anger and not enough love.
    But I will follow it anyway. In hope that it may see the light and change.

  11. Anonymous10:52

    Gray Headed Brother,

    Anger??? and not enough love, I am wondering if you are reading his blog correctly. ~hands you a pair of glasses~

    You are totally missing the point of this blog. This blog is about love for this country, love for it's people and love for keeping this country the way our forefathers intended.

    I will keep my guns you can keep your change.

  12. "Muslims - Is there anything they don't hate?"

    You mean besides marrying eight-year-old girls and beheading infidels?

    Nothing comes to mind immediately...

  13. I like number 4 myself :-)

  14. I find that the man that runs this blog to have more love for the Republic than most people and can see Bullshit Miles away before it hits. Read his blog because its a good one. There might be a little hate and Anger here but it is only for the stupidity and blindness that drags our Nation down farther each passing second

    write on Brother

  15. Anonymous13:37

    Sorry,gotta disaagree with motars. Me,it has to be claymore mines.Nothing lets you know you've enter the wrong firebase like claymores.


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