Wednesday, March 25, 2009

My Wife asks me why I don't read more.

Politics are a more pressing need.

The new White House dog?

The toilet before the Obama porkulus stimulus plan . . .

And then after the Obama porkulus stimulus plan.

There is no going back folks for about a generation or two.


  1. Anonymous12:06

    GREAT PICS as usual.......... Omg the toy poodle pelosi cracked me up!!!!

    And as usual I am glad I didnt eat breakfast, the toilet one would have made me throwup.

  2. And everyone thought it was going to be Russian nukes or an asteroid that would do us in.

  3. I think the poodle pic should be the other way around because she works that mouth of hers like she actually has clout.

  4. I love, love, love that Wizard of Uhhhh pic! Freakin' brilliant!

  5. Elm:

    Actually I found "Wizard of Uhh" from

    I forgot give him the credit.

    All I did was rename the picture at the top of my blog.

  6. Anonymous14:58

    Great pictures. The first one is the best. But it will not work. The place where it is attached is empty.

  7. Jesus - even the tile absorbed shit...

  8. re stimulus crap.. yes, the worlds just dropped out of our bottoms.

  9. Hammer.. it could still be those things... now the french and the Brits are pissed off too, isnt Russia sending nukes to cuba again?? Oh wait.. I bet Obama is going to get cozy with Cuba as he has been soundly dissed by the Russians. Either way, we are screwed.

  10. Obama's Economic Enema worked exactly as planned. If you examine the last photo you can see what really messed things up was the $1 trillion in paper that the Federal Reserve tried to stuff in the economic crapper last week.


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