Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Kenneth Wayne Morris Executed

God Bless Texas.

Texas puts another one in the ground.

Today was his birthday. "Was" being the appropriate word.

PhotobucketHUNTSVILLE, Texas (AP) — Texas has executed the convicted killer of a Houston man gunned down during a botched burglary.

Kenneth Wayne Morris was pronounced dead at 6:16 p.m. Wednesday, his 38th birthday.

He was condemned for the 1991 fatal shooting of 63-year-old James Adams.

Evidence showed Morris and two companions who broke into Adams' home thought the place contained numerous expensive weapons but got disoriented as they drove around the neighborhood and picked the wrong house.

Morris was the 10th condemned murderer executed in Texas this year and the second in as many nights to receive lethal injection.   SOURCE


  1. When will all the other states get behind Texas and follow suit?

    God bless Texas!

  2. Anonymous00:23

    I just drank a shot of Tequila to Kenneth may he rot in hell

  3. Anonymous14:07

    Seems like known of you people have God in your life.Your jugement day will come also.

  4. I'm truly surprised they carried out the deed, which should have been carried out long, long ago, on his birthday. Surprised that all the pansy-tails weren't screaming that was unfair.

    Anonymous- when my judgment day comes, you can bet your sweet ass while I may be guilty of some things, murdering the innocent won't be one of them.

  5. Anonymous17:08

    Where does all the hate come from in this state? Even the victims family forgave Kenneth a long time ago.
    Did any of you who post awful comments even knew the victim? No? his family? No? Kenneth? Hardly.
    Kenneth morris payed for his crime, big time!
    His death only caused more people to suffer (his freinds and family). Show some respect!
    I don't even think y'all know anything about the case, you just enjoy people getting killed!

  6. Kenneth morris payed for his crime, big time!

    Like anyone who murders, he died owing a debt to his victims that can never be repaid.

    I love the self-righteous among us...

  7. Anonymous19:59

    I knew Kenneth as a teenager. But the Huntsville chaplain told me that he is no longer that person. "He is mild, kind, and he cares for others... he is a Christian," the chaplain said.

  8. Anonymous20:39

    I'm sure that when your jugement day do come you did some kind of dirt in your life and only you will know that.I'm so sure you wont have that posted.As long as we know that he had a relationship with God and God forgave him that his child who the hell are you not God.Looks like you know nothing about our God.

  9. The most we can hope for in this state, is life in prison. We have tried unsuccessfully to get the death penalty passed. We don't have the option of ever getting these boils off our back. We have to pay for them until they die in prison. Or until another inmate takes them out.
    Kudos to Texas.

  10. "He is mild, kind, and he cares for others... he is a Christian," the chaplain said.

    Good. Then he and Jesus will get along just fine.

    The rest of us have no use for him.

    To paraphrase the old saying, Jesus loves Kenneth. Everyone else thinks he's an asshole.

  11. Anonymous22:52

    Deadman said it best.


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