Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Jeepers Creepers


Being a woman is not without hazards.
Police: Man Uses Shoe-Cam To Peep On Women

NEPTUNE BEACH, Fla. -- A man is serving a four-month sentence one week after he was accused of using a camera hidden in his shoe to snap pictures of women trying on swimsuits at a surf shop.

According to the Neptune Beach police, Jeffery Polizzi went into Aqua East on Atlantic Boulevard last Monday, stood next to the dressing room and put his shoe under the door.

"She noticed it, grabbed his arm and he took off running," said Assistant police Chief Tony Carrillo.

So our peeping Jeffery took off running "like his ass was on fire and his head was a catching". 
Carrillo said three different women reported this happening to them. One said she was naked in the dressing room when she noticed a black shoe extended into the dressing room.

The man ran out of the store when confronted, police said.

Police said they were able to catch the suspect because one of the people inside the shop went outside and noticed a car that usually wasn't parked on one side of the parking lot, so an officer waited for several hours. He said the suspect came back got in the car and led him on a short chase.

The shoe tongue camera? It sounds like something from "Get Smart".

Once apprehended, police said they found a camera attached to the tongue of Polizzi's shoe.

"He cut about a 2-inch hole to put a camera in," Carrillo said. "It is unusual. It's the only one that I know of around."

Police said Polizzi confessed to concealing a small digital camera in his shoe with the lens pointed up through a hole he cut in attempt to photograph naked women.

An Aqua East employee told Channel 4's Dan Leveton she found the indecent "bizarre" and was glad the man accused of doing it was in custody.

Polizzi was charged with video voyeurism. At his first appearance on the charge, he pleaded no contest and was sentenced to serve four months in jail.  SOURCE
That is not what I would want on my RAP sheet.


  1. Anonymous06:36

    This guy is going to be enjoying a lot of nudity in jail only this time its him. Maybe they'll put a blonde wig and some lipstick on him first.

  2. Ky Long Rider- That's funny!

  3. Polizzi, get ready for some correctional facility man love. Start by cutting a 2 inch hole in your jammies instead of your shoes.

  4. I remember a similar case a few months back where a guy had a shoe cam and was using it to look up skirts on the mall escalator.

    Turned out they couldn't charge the guy with anything.

  5. What f-stop do you use with a size ten sneaker?


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