Saturday, March 28, 2009

I am voting for Global Warming

Today there are a bunch of whacked out toss pots out there that want to make a statement. A statement about Glo-Bull warming. You can switch all your lights off at 8:30 -9:30 PM on Saturday the 28th.  You could, as I plan to do, turn on every single energy using device in my household for the entire evening. I may have to buy a big screen TV that really sucks the electricity too. I figure that I may also have to turn on the air-conditioner as well, for at least a couple of hours at least.   

Moonbattery wrote about this earlier this week.

This is the site where you can learn more the Earth hour. I call it; "What A Pile of  Steaming Stool".


  1. I'll throw a log on the fire as well.

    They want us to be just like North Korea.

  2. Anonymous09:15

    The liberals mastery of style over substance is a continuing source of entertainment.

  3. Globull Worming™ needs a stimulus package also. Tonight I intend to burn BTU's and consume electricity that will be produced sometime in my children's and grandchildren's future.

    I will bake cookies and cakes that will not be eaten for generations. And I will burn them just to use extra electricity.

    I will waste gasoline by driving to locations that do not exist yet.

    I will watch season XXVII of "24"; all 24 of them, all at once on my energy slobbering HD LCD TV. I will order zillions of extra energy guzzing pixels for it in fact.

    I will post pornographic images of the gang rape of Mother Gaia by a frenzied swarm of naked Hummer H2's and Ford Expeditions. Chevy Suburbans will be standing by waiting for Gaia's kids to return home from the school playground. That's the way they roll.

    I will invent an energy inefficient technology that burns nothing but live baby seals and liberals for fuel. I will call it the Squealing Wriggling Fun Furnace.

  4. I don't think you could have found a better picture for this post, USA Admiral. That poor polar bear... He would look great in front of a fireplace, for my dog to sleep on.

  5. Anonymous11:43

    I agree.

  6. I'll be firing up my turbocharged greenhouse gas pump at 8:30. Great little gadget, everybody should have one. You can pick one up cheap at your local Polluter's Depot.

  7. I'm already doing my part here. We have 3 computers running, the wood burner, 2 space heaters, couple tvs......... well a lot of stuff :D I suppose I could find a few gas powered items in the garage to fire up for such a momentous day

  8. I can see your fucking house lit up like a Christmas tree from here, Admiral!


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