Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Steve Henley Executed

NASHVILLE, Tenn. —  A man convicted of killing an elderly couple found dead in their burned-out farmhouse was executed by lethal injection in Tennessee.

Correction officials say 55-year-old Steve Henley was pronounced dead at 1:33 a.m. Wednesday.

Henley was sentenced to death for the 1985 murders of Fred and Edna Stafford, who lived near his Jackson County farm about 65 miles northeast of Nashville.

An autopsy concluded that the Staffords had been shot, and that Edna Stafford was still alive when the house was set on fire.

Henley had always maintained his innocence. SOURCE


  1. Anonymous12:54

    I drank a glass of port last night in celebration

  2. Yes, and the rat bastard lived about 24 years too long too.


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