Thursday, February 19, 2009

Spiders, I love them,

When they are DEAD!


  1. Diller08:57

    Throw that damn can of "Raid" away,and break out the Mossberg,with 00 buck. I agree,from the tiny to the huge,ain't fond of em.

  2. I've never seen a spider that could feed on a small pony. It's gotta be a PhotoShop job. Where do you find this stuff?

    Obama's election was a big enough boon to the firearms industry. If that thing is real you won't see another shotgun on the shelf or any ammo for a decade. We might even run out of spears.

  3. Obviously some of your readers have never encountered a camel spider... /shudder

  4. Diller:
    They are the worst.

    I scour the web for the strange and the unusual.

    Old NFO:
    The camel spiders are the bad asses of the arachnid world. Kill on sight.

  5. I think you protest too much and actually lurve spiders. :P


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