Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Mother of the Month

It is sad you need a to get a license to drive a car but anyone who can copulate can have children. Our loser today is Amanda Bozeman.

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. -- A 3-year-old boy with a prosthetic leg was found wandering alone outside a Northside strip mall Monday morning is safe, but his mother was arrested and charged with child neglect.

Selena Gardner spotted the boy and called 911.

"He was hysterical and could not remember anything except his brother's name," Jacksonville Sheriff's Office Lt. Reginald Blott said.

Police eventually located the mother -- Amanda Bozeman, 24 -- who told investigators she left the boy and his 18-month-old brother sleeping in the car when she went in to JEA branch office on Dunn Avenue to get her electricity turned on, then drove off without realizing her older son missing.

Police said Bozeman didn't realize her son was gone for more than an hour.

Here is the real tragedy of this story.

"She had fake tears in her eyes and she seemed to be upset, but I don't know if she was or not," said Selena Gardner, who spotted the boy and called 911. "The child didn't even recognize her when she came up."

Does it get worse, of course it does.

Bozeman was booked into the Duval County Jail on the child neglect charge, but she was also ticketed for not having the 3-year-old in a booster seat.

Gardner said she feels sorry for the little boy and she is thankful that people like her were watching out for him.

"We thought maybe somebody purposely dumped him off -- you just don't know," Gardner told Channel 4's Karin Hirschey. "For a parent to lose a child these days, it's bad enough that people are taking other people's kids. It's just sad; really sad."

Police released Bozeman's two children to the custody of their grandparents.   SOURCE


  1. Anonymous13:36

    This makes me sick.People like this do not deserve children.

  2. Anonymous13:38

    Can we say white trash momma of the year??? I would put money on it that she dropped that kid off to "lose" him for good. Gawd she should be sterilized.

  3. Anonymous14:07

    Yep, nothing but white trailer trash.

  4. Diller16:08

    As long as Oxygen thieves are fed our tax dollars,they will keep on breeding,neglecting their children,and using up valuable resources.I'll guarantee she's shacked up with a piece of crap,that wanted the kid gone.Maybe if you could get the sterilization drug in the stuff they are shootin up or snortin, it would work.

  5. that is terrible.

  6. I'd like to smack that smug look off her face.

  7. Anonymous18:27

    PS........... The kid didn't recognize her????? UMMMMM that ONE statement speaks volumes........Like she has never spent ANYTIME with this kid!!!

  8. We impound cars, dishwashers, refrigerators, and RV's without any hesitation when the owner of these items does not met contractual obligations. Time to start with reproductive organs.

    Send forensic gynolocogists and urologists with tow trucks and chainsaws.

  9. And somewhere a man and woman are desperately wanting to have a child and can't, while folks like this procreate at top speed. How very sad for this child.

  10. I hope she gets her ass kicked in jail. If/when she ever gets out, I hope she never gets her children back. What a scumbag.


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