Friday, February 27, 2009

Can anybody answer this?

Here is the link.


  1. brodie10:20

    We are in toubled times

  2. Obama couldn't solve this riddle himself, obviously.

    I'm seriously considering taking out all my money from the bank and just burying somewhere pirate style. At least the only way it will disappear is if the dog finds it.

  3. Apparently the stimulus package is on the same steroids as the ObamaEgo is on...

  4. 1) Sprinkle some Magik Librul Dust all over the recovery bill. Magik Librul Dust is made from ground up, dried partial birth Pixie fetuses.

    2) Mutter the seekret Chinese incantations because that's where the money is coming from, and

    3) Light a candle made out of wax scraped from between Schumer's withered nut sacks and use it to scorch the ass of every taxpayer in the country, and

    Presto! Obama's Most Excellent Magik Recovery Mystery Tour is now law.

  5. I could answer that for you, but, I will require $47 million of bailout money, to hire a bunch office personnel to sit and do nothing, and a nice building to house them in, and a fleet of hybrid cars to sit in the parking lot and.........

  6. Its called the Jitzu Move...You know like in Star Wars when OB1 waves his hand at the Storm Trooper and says "you dont have to search the boy" Let him pass...The moments later the Storm Trooper says "We dont have to search him/ Let him pass"...

    Obama does the same thing. One day I see him on TV talking about a plan. He gets support for it then two weeks later the number changes. Now the dum asses who voted for it are like "Shit" I didnt want to sign up for that>>>>
    The JITZU MOVE>>>>>


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