Sunday, February 08, 2009

Anybody seen my bag of Doritios?

Oh there it is.
I don't think Raid is going to work on these things. I think DDT would be the only thing that might stand a chance of killing these critters.


  1. I'm thinking boiling water, lemon and some butter might do the trick. They look yummzilla! Seafood is pretty spendy here and is almost always frozen. Have a relaxing sunday.

  2. You should have seen what I saw fighting over a bag of Doritos yesterday. Raid! wouldn't have worked on them either.

  3. Yowza... DDT in the industrial strength can!

  4. Anonymous19:28

    Holy crap! I'm staying in Jersey.

  5. Anonymous20:31

    OH please please please tell me those are Lobster Tails....... I get skeevd enough from Wolf Spiders that are the size of my dog down here, that crawl under my door in Sept and Oct when it is time to hibernate..... DONT tell me i have to worry about this freaking things......... Remind me to tell you about my snake story in this house. Freaking hilarious.

  6. Diller07:32

    Thats the size these roaches get,when they eat the interior out of those old Truly Nolen cars,they leave parked around.

  7. I'm pretty sure they are called Morton Bay Bugs(seafood),and yes they are eaten here in Australia..


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