Thursday, January 08, 2009

Word Thursday

–verb (used with object), -fused, -fusing.
  1. to perplex or bewilder: The flood of questions confused me.
  2. to make unclear or indistinct: The rumors and angry charges tended to confuse the issue.
  3. to fail to distinguish between; associate by mistake; confound: to confuse dates; He always confuses the twins.
  4. to disconcert or abash: His candor confused her.
  5. to combine without order; jumble; disorder: Try not to confuse the papers on the desk.
  6. Archaic. to bring to ruin or naught.
Your choices for pardons confuse the hell out of me,
but so did the Bill Clinton pardons.


  1. Anonymous00:47

    I agree.

  2. I'm just confused by the world in general. :)

  3. Still waiting for him to pardon the two Border Patrol guards. All this other stuff is Bravo Sierra.

    The word verification phrase is "lingfie" as in "He woulda pardoned those guys who were protecting our borders but he's got a limp lingfie. Just like his dad."

  4. The choices he has made for pardons disturb me. He should have pardoned those two men first. Think Scooter Libby will be on the list?

    The verification phrases are just down right interesting anymore.


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