Friday, January 30, 2009

Virgil Martinez Executed

HUNTSVILLE — With his last gasps of breath Wednesday, Virgil Martinez told his family and the families of those he was convicted of killing that he was not responsible for the deaths of four people at a trailer home outside Alvin in October 1996.

PhotobucketIt was one of those found shot to death outside the trailer, 18-year-old John Gomez, who actually killed Veronica Fuentes, 27, and her children, 5-year-old Joshua and 3-year-old Casandra, Martinez claimed.

“I put the gun under my shirt and said ‘Hi’ to Josh and Casandra,” Martinez said while strapped to a gurney and facing his family and the victims’ families through a Plexiglas window. “John Gomez was there, he told Veronica that ‘He doesn’t love you.’ I didn’t care …”

While he described why he was at his victims’ home that night, Martinez snored a couple of times, then went silent.

At 6:50 p.m., about 10 minutes after the lethal chemicals entered his body, a doctor declared Martinez, 41, dead at the Huntsville Unit’s Death House.

A Brazoria County jury convicted Martinez of capital murder and sentenced him to death in 1998.

Jerry Fuentes, Veronica Fuentes’ former husband and Joshua and Casandra’s father, said Martinez’s last words were a slap in the face to Gomez’s family.

“He’s a liar,” Jerry Fuentes said.

Martinez wore black, thick-rimmed glasses and had a sheet pulled up to his chest. His hair was cut short, with a few silver streaks.

At the moment he was told to make his last statement, Martinez told several family members, “I love y’all.” He then began saying Gomez was the one who killed Fuentes and the two children.

“John Gomez killed your kids and sister,” Martinez said. “I know y’all love John Gomez, but he was a violent man. I wish I would have shot him in the leg, then he would be here. Those investigators were just trying to convict somebody.”

Jerry Fuentes called Martinez’s claims disrespectful. SOURCE

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