Friday, January 30, 2009

Ricardo Ortiz Executed

This is the way all gang members should end up.  DEAD.
EL PASO -- Ricardo Ortiz became the first man convicted in an El Paso court to be executed by the state of Texas in 22 years on Thursday.

He was sentenced to death in the 1997 murder of Gerardo Garcia, a fellow inmate at the El Paso County Jail.

PhotobucketThe Associated Press reported that after receiving a lethal injection, Ortiz was pronounced dead at 5:18 p.m. MST in Huntsville.

The AP reported that Ortiz "expressed love for his family and thanked them for their support in the moment before he was executed."

"Stay strong," he said, although he had no personal witnesses in the death chamber. "I'm at peace. I love you and my kids. See you."

Ortiz, 46, did not request a special last meal, prison officials said.

He was convicted of injecting Garcia with a triple dose of heroin to keep him from testifying in a series of bank robberies, his 1999 trial revealed. Ortiz, a Texas Syndicate prison gang member, was being held at the jail on a parole violation and had offered authorities information on the robberies.

Garcia had been arrested on an unrelated charge.

Testimony also stated that Ortiz had heroin smuggled into the jail and had threatened to kill Garcia.

A relative of Ortiz who contacted the El Paso Times on Thursday but declined to be identified said the situation was "kind of hard," as her voice broke with emotion and the short call ended.

Other family members of Ortiz and Garcia could not be reached for comment. Family members of Garcia were also not on the list to attend the execution. SOURCE
It is amusing to me that most death-row murderers make the comment "Stay strong" shortly before assuming room temperature.

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  1. One more down, a whole bunch to go!


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