Wednesday, January 07, 2009

The "Put on a Smile for Obama" kit

You know the inauguration of the Big O is just about 12 days away.

Here is a little suggestion on how to keep a smile on your face throughout that whole tedious debacle and for the next four years.

Citizen Happiness Kit


All citizens will now be required to look happy while watching the inauguration. This is mandatory for all citizens.

The Obama-approved supplies will be provided to each citizen at little or no cost.

* Low taxes getting to you?
* Feeling stressed?
* Too many tax cuts and not enough federal spending?

Here is the new low-cost, Obama-approved solution to cope with the lack of spreading around the wealth by the current administration.

Each Citizen will be supplied 2 paper clips and rubber bands.
See Fig 1.
(Fig 1.)

Assemble items as shown in Fig 2.
(Fig. 2)

Apply as shown in Fig 3.
(Fig 3.)

Enjoy the inauguration day citizen. This new equipment will help you reach the end of a disasterous four years with a smile on your face!

You can smile like
The President Elect too.


  1. I'd better buy my smile kit supplies before Congress passes new taxes on paper clips and rubber bands.

  2. Oh damn, that is goooood Admiral. :D

  3. Great. Very nice.

    Now do you got something with straps, clamps and surgical staples to make my wallet and checkbook air tight?

    This grinning clown is up to no good.

    Word verification phase is stenties as in, "Everytime I look at that grinning mope, my stenties clinch up tighter than a Malamute's asshole in an snowstorm."

  4. That looks like it would hurt!

    The big meltdown is happening. I actually got to drive my car today. Thank you for the thoughts of warmth you sent. Maybe that is what it took to start the melting!

    Have a excellent Thursday.

  5. OMG... I'm laughing here. Passing it on to my sister.

  6. Anonymous00:49

    He reminds me of Jimmy Carter with his goofy smile.


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