Wednesday, January 28, 2009

A Message from Barack Hussein Obama II

Here is a Poll over at Family Security Matters

I guess a majority think the new president will put us at risk.

Just chill and burn another one Obi.


  1. He gives me a massive headache...

  2. Anonymous13:01

    We are so Screwed!

  3. Normally, I like getting screwed.. sorry if that sounds a tad TMI, but its true. This is not a good screwed. Its sort of like watching a train wreck. Oh well, wheres the Gin?

  4. I believe that this administration will deliver a screwing that is more in the traditional sense of a true literal, physical screwing - the applying of torque in a circular vector around the axis of a threaded, tapered cylinder. Through the application of force, the cylinder is gradually twisted into a position which it would not naturally be found in. The amount of torque needed to force the cylinder into this position is directly related and proportional to the resistance offered by the cylinder to its insertion into and through any given surface.

    As an exercise in methaphor development, it was much, much easier to describe the process whereby one would slowly increase the heat source underneath a culinary receptacle holding the water in which the frog was situated until the stoopid, green sumbitch boiled hisself.

    Boiled or screwed ... which do you prefer?

  5. We just have to survive the next four years...


  6. Could get some boiling and screwing? I like to do things completely when I do them.

  7. With some tar and feathers...


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