Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Curtis Moore Executed

I doubt Curtis Moore will be missed after his deeds.
The Crime
Moore was condemned for the fatal shootings of Roderick Moore, 24, who was not related to him, and LaTanya Boone, 21, both of Fort Worth. The two were found shot to death in a ditch across from W.M. Green Elementary School in southeast Fort Worth in November 1995.

That same night, firefighters summoned to put out a car fire found Hoyle, then 21, of Fort Worth, and Henry Truevillian Jr., 20, of Forest Hill, shot and burned.

Truevillian, robbed of $5, was dead. Hoyle, robbed of $150, survived and helped lead police to the arrest of Moore and his nephew, Anthony Moore, then 17.

The three men were abducted after agreeing to meet Curtis Moore and his nephew at a stable where Roderick Moore boarded and trained horses. Boone was abducted from the apartment she shared with Roderick Moore, her boyfriend.

Witnesses at Curtis Moore’s trial testified that the shootings culminated a drug rip-off, that he doused Hoyle and Truevillian with gasoline and ignited them as they were bound and in the car trunk.

Hoyle gave information that led authorities to Moore’s nephew, who was known as "Kojak." Hoyle also told authorities he didn’t know the name of Kojak’s partner but that he drove a pink truck.

Curtis Moore had such a vehicle, and he and his nephew were arrested about two weeks later. Source.

Justice was Served.

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