Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Shamelessly Lifted from RT

I found this over at RT's Place. Give it a try.

Your Native American Name Is...

Keme Kestejoo

Your name means: Secret Slave


  1. Mausi Ehawee

    Your name means: Flower Plucking Laughing Maiden

    I need to wake up- I read the first two words with the beginning letters swapped..
    Power Flu...yeah, you get the point. :D

  2. Anonymous12:24

    My name is swift horny toad.

  3. Tsiishchili Enyeto

    Your name means: Curly Haired One Who Walks as a Boar

    Funny - I have curly hair and I am a pig.

    The verification phrase is "derebl" as in: I went out with Mary Lou last week and now my derebls are the size of grapefruit.


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