Wednesday, November 05, 2008


Maybe now the great white RINO will head off to pasture and retire when his term is up. I guess reaching across the isle did not help much in his election. Moderate republicans cannot win elections.

How can someone claim to unite us by taking (spreading the wealth) what I and my wife work very hard for and give it to someone whom does not want to work harder (or at all) on there own; like Peggy Joseph.

---Nuff Said


  1. oh dear God.. these people are going to be seriously pissed when he breaks his campaign promises...what are the odds he does a complete 360 on those?

  2. Yeah... and he's going to wipe my ass every morning too. Some people are so stupid.

  3. It will be interesting to see how he is going to pay for all the promised programs...

  4. Bird:
    I see that you mean a complete 360 over and over again so all he will be doing is running in circles raising Taxes.

    A voting majority I see.

    Old NFO:
    He won't, We; the responsible citizens will. Tax, Tax, Tax and then some more taxing.

  5. Anonymous21:18

    He will be a major tax and spender.


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