Friday, October 31, 2008

A Barack Hussein Obama II supporter

Peggy Joseph (Idiot) will not have to worry about buying gas or paying
for her mortgage because her sugar daddy (read as Barack Hussein Obama II)
will take good care of her. Peggy Joseph (Idiot) never thought this day would come.

How do people get so stupid?


  1. WTF??? Did I just hear that? Let the "entitlements" begin...

  2. YAY!!! Hope, change, and free stuff!

  3. This entitlement crap has been going on since the mid-sixties. This is the new permanent underclass of American citizens that the left has created and nurished. Welcome to the Roman mobs...

  4. Sweet! I am so sick and tired of paying for my own gas!

  5. Gonna retire again and get me some o dat... sigh... AND SHE IS DEAD SERIOUS! scary

  6. Anonymous23:46

    It is scary that these poeple vote and breed.

  7. Yippeeee!!!!!!!!! Free stuff for everybody!

    So if Obama wins, I can stop paying my bills and do whatever I want with my money, right?


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