Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Richard Cooey Executed

I guess he was wrong when he said he would be executed in pain.

Good riddance murderer.

Richard Cooey was executed as scheduled at 10 a.m. ET, the Ohio Department of Corrections told CNN.

Cooey had exhausted his legal appeals and Gov. Ted Strickland earlier denied the 41-year-old prisoner's clemency petition. Cooey murdered two college students in 1986.

The justices turned down a stay of execution, and the opportunity to address the larger constitutional claims over when a convicted person is medically unfit for capital punishment. The court was also asked to review Ohio's lethal injection procedures, and whether they were cruel and unusual punishment.

His lawyers have argued that the inmate-- at 5-foot-7 and 267 pounds -- is "morbidly obese," and has gained about 70 pounds since his incarceration at age 19. Prison food and confinement in his cell for 23 hours a day, limiting his opportunities for exercise, contributed to his weight problem, his legal team asserted in recent court filings.

Cooey also contends regular medication he takes for migraines will weaken the effectiveness of an anesthetic used in the a three-drug cocktail administered during execution. He says his veins are weakened because of his health issues, and the lethal drugs would amount to cruel and unusual punishment.   Source
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  1. "You (expletive) haven't paid any attention to anything I've said in the last 22 1/2 years, why would anyone pay any attention to anything I've had to say now," Cooey said looking at the ceiling. He made no other comment."

    Nice to know he was contrite as well. May he burn well.

  2. I agree completely. He was a true monster.

  3. I'll bet he'll have nothing to say either when he stands before His Creator.

  4. Guess that genius of a scientific/medical mind was wrong, eh? He died just fine.

  5. Anonymous06:52

    Im glad the fat ass was finally executed for his crimes. Just 22 years too late.
    Satan has been waiting for you!

  6. His last meal was 4800 calories, give-or-take. I hope he spends eternity next to a demonic version of Richard Simmons.


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