Tuesday, September 09, 2008

A question for Barack Hussein Obama II

Did this apply to his children too?


  1. I read about that sex eductaion thing over a year ago. The fact that someone that stupid could get this far in an election is frightening.

  2. Of course not... His kids go to private school.

  3. Anonymous09:59

    The Libs pass rules for everyone but themselves.

  4. I post this response with a belief that your are instilled with the basic American value of truth above all else. I think McCain's staff did him a disservice by putting this ad out. This slander was discredited several years ago. This was not "comprehensive sex education for kindergartners". It was a positive effort to make youngsters aware that there are bad people out there who may try to touch them inappropriately. This was about protecting our children. McCain has taken the high road throughout his career, and I have admired him for this (I gave him the benefit of the doubt on the Keating 5 scandal). I hope his advisers do not convince him to allow his legacy to be tarnished in his final attempt at the presidency. (BTW, I found your 9/11 tribute, via photos of the twin towers, moving. I was trapped in a neigboring building on Dey Street when the south tower went down, and I think almost everyday of the faces of the young firemen I saw walking into the towers with tanks tanks strapped to their backs. True American heroes.).


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