Thursday, August 21, 2008

Fay and other thoughts

Now is the waiting game. I do not know when the power will be interrupted.

Fay is like a visitor that just won't leave. She makes a huge mess.

Now on to other things.

Pictures last a lifetime and so does the ridicule:  Thanks Curious George.

A Big Wind Gust.

The Barry Obama Bus rolls on:

The last place Jeffery Lee Wood will rest his worthless ass:

What I don't want to see during Fay's visit:

This is all, for now.


  1. I had what happened in the 2nd picture happen to me quite a few years ago.

    Was never sure whether I should have bowed or not when the guys at the service station across the street clapped or not...I just slinked away quietly.

  2. Disregard the second "or not" in that reply. I should know better than trying to make comments while at work.

  3. Thanks for picture #2

    : P

  4. So far so good here on the Gulf coast but the weather quacks allow she be comin'

  5. Anonymous17:20

    ok be safe!!!!

  6. Cool shot of the tornado...


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