Friday, July 18, 2008

Why the World Court should shut the hell up and Jose Medellin should be executed

Regardless of what the pitiful UN World Court of appeasers may say Texas has not backed away from executing that monster known as Jose Medellin. The World Court has no business telling any other government how to deal with convicted murderers. If you are here illegally and you commit such a heinous crime you should be shot and dumped in the local land fill.
It is my thought we should send the convict's remains to Mexico for burial.
July 16, 2008 - The principal judicial organ of the United Nations today ordered the United States to delay the executions of five Mexican nationals on death row in its prisons until the court issues a final ruling on the matter.
What do you think of that "principle judicial organ" line?  Silly huh.
Source: Here.

Why Jose Medellin should already be dead:
Elizabeth Pena, 16, and Jennifer Ertman, 14, spent the evening of 24 June 1993, at the swimming pool of a friend's apartment complex in Houston. As their midnight curfew approached, they debated the fastest route to Pena's home. They decided to follow the railroad tracks through a city park.

That same evening, eight young men were in the park participating in a gang initiation ritual. Raul Villareal, 17, was being initiated into the Black and White gang. The other gang members present were O'Brien, Peter Cantu, and Jose Medellin - all 18 - Efrain Perez, 17, and Roman Sandoval. Frank Sandoval and Vernancio Medellin, brothers of two of the gang members, were also present. The initiation consisted of Villareal fighting each of the other gang members for several minutes. Following this ritual, they drank beer.
The complete story here.

Derrick Sean O'Brien: Executed on July 11th 2006. Last Statement
Peter Cantu still has appeals pending.
Jose Medellin AKA Joe Medellin, AKA Jose Ernesto Medellin Rojas has an Execution Date set on 08/05/2008.

Efrian Perez: Commuted to life because of age (17 at the time of murders.)
Raul Omar Villareal: Commuted to life because of age (17 at the time of murders.)

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  1. Anonymous22:16

    Piss on the U.N. Execute this scumbag.


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