Friday, July 18, 2008

The Lone Star State Stands Tall

The world court has no business in making this ridiculous order.

“This ruling doesn’t change anything,” said Mr. Perry’s spokeswoman, Allison Castle. “This is an individual who brutally gang-raped and murdered two teenage women. We don’t really care where you are from; you can’t do that to our citizens.”

God Bless Texas.

Source: NY Times


  1. Allison Castle must have heard this quote from Mr. Pena because he said this very same thing last night on the news.

  2. I thought your comments were turned off for like the past week. Umm...I am a little dense, eh?

    Texas rocks!

  3. H20:
    17 years is too long to wait.

    No; just busy on vacation.

  4. You ought to read up about what these worthless greasers did. The two girls died a horrible death.

  5. Yeah I love that sh*t too. Way funny.


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