Monday, July 07, 2008

I guess he was taking her temperature?

This is really a bad thing to do:
A 38-year-old Sunstar paramedic was arrested on a sexual battery charge Wednesday after being accused of assaulting a woman in an ambulance that was taking her to a hospital, Pinellas County Sheriff’s Office officials say.
It makes you wonder if he dropped something?
In a police interview, Livingston said it was not medically necessary to touch the woman in that manner.
What were you thinking Dude? I could expect this from a 20 year old.



  1. Admiral- I've seen as many horny 38 year olds without good sense lately as I have 20 year olds. ;)

  2. Guess what- one of our recently fired "superstars" did the same thing and was back working before the ink was dry on the charge sheet. He even gave he his number... on the back of the run sheet! Can't make this sh*t up man.

  3. dragonlady47411:00

    For the longest time I was a weirdo magnet, and met many people like this ambulance driver. The last time I took a bus I actually had to punch a guy. lol
    THANK GOD those days are over.


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