Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Robert Stacy Yarbrough Executed


Cyril Hugh Hamby's life seeped away on the floor of his small Mecklenburg County business as it was robbed of beer, wine, cigarettes and cash the night of May 8, 1997.

The 77-year-old proprietor of Hamby's store died slowly, his neck cut front and back, his head bruised from kicks, his hands and feet bound with shoelaces and electrical cord.

A father and grandfather, Hamby had been in business more than 50 years.

His killer, Robert S. Yarbrough, was 18, his murder weapon, a pocketknife.

When first sentenced in 1999, Yarbrough told the judge, "I haven't lived. I haven't seen anything."

All I have to add to the execution of convict Yarbrough is, Tough shit, you should have thought of that before you murdered Cyril Hugh Hamby.

Source: InRich.Com
Execution Source: Washington Times


  1. Agreed! Life is NOT a %^&* video game with restarts...

  2. I hope he has a good trip to hell. I hope he rots while he's there.

  3. What an a-hole!

  4. It's hard to imagine anyone would have the nerve to utter such words after having watched the life drain from someone's body.

    I think RT summed it up nicely with "What an a-hole".


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