Monday, May 12, 2008

Jacksonville needs some of these

SAN ANTONIO -- A San Antonio car wash with bikini-clad buffers was shut down Friday afternoon as its certificate of occupancy was revoked by the city.

The car wash was temporarily closed because of water violations, District 3 City Councilwoman Jennifer Ramos said.

"Bikini-clad buffers?" That is an interesting description.

Really, I guess anyone can find some clause/rule if they look hard enough to shut something down.

"Typically, car washes have to have a specialized trap to catch the grease and oil that's washed off of cars," said Greg Flores, spokesman for the San Antonio Water System.

If the business owners can rectify the water trap problem, the business will be allowed to reopen, something area residents hope doesn't happen, reported KSAT-TV.

"Around school, it's around churches, it's around the fabric of our community," said Armando Cortez.

Cortez, the president of the Mission San Jose Neighborhood Association, said while they want business development in the area, they don't want the eye-opening work apparel worn by the car wash's employees. Story Here.


  1. Somebody with a niche marketing plan, gets business coming in and it's "not suitable' to the community... Geez... what next for the NIMBY crowd

  2. Funny. Do the male workers have to wear the same 'uniform' as the female employees?

    It wouldn't bother me to have bikini-clad buffers, unless Grimjack went to get the car washed every day.

  3. I would be having the vehicle washed everyday.


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