Monday, April 28, 2008

Buried Alive; the Sumner Murders

Part Two, The Ringleader of Death, Michael J. Jackson.

It is too bad Old Sparky was ruled "Cruel and Unusual." In my opinion being buried alive is cruel and unusual.

Caught on tape taking money out of ATMs, celebrating in limos and making phone calls to be sure the money of a murdered couple continued to flow into his pockets, a man named Michael J. Jackson has been called the mastermind of the murders of Carol and Reggie Sumner. Story Here.

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  1. Anonymous03:07

    I'm all about brining back Ol' Sparky, public hangings, firing squads. Oh, and actually executing them before they spend 40 years on death row on the taxpayers. If we kill them publicly again maybe it will actually deter a few. Probably not, but I can dream!


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