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He claims to be his brother.

Man arrested in murder of U.S. Marine

TAMPA -- Cpl. Miguel Suarez served a tour of duty in Afghanistan and another in Iraq, but was killed a mile and a half from his childhood home early Saturday. Hillsborough sheriff's deputies say a 21-year-old gang member murdered the U.S. Marine in a botched robbery attempt.

SanabriaJonathan Sanabria, of 18425 Bittern Ave., saw Suarez, 25, walking home from a concert, said Sheriff's spokesman J.D. Callaway. Sanabria told deputies he wanted Suarez's gold chain and confronted him at gunpoint near the corner of N Himes and W Sligh Avenues.

The two scuffled before Sanabria pistol-whipped Suarez, shot him twice and left him lying in the street, Callaway said. Police arrested Sanabria Tuesday evening on a first-degree murder charge.

Suarez enlisted in the Marines in March 2003, the month the war began in Iraq. He served eight months each in Afghanistan and in Iraq. After his four-year contract expired this year, he re-enlisted and was assigned to a domestic post. He told family members he planned to make the Marines a life-long career.

Sanabria bears the tattoos of a member of the Gangster Disciples, a Chicago-based gang, Callaway said. Jail records indicate Sanabria was arrested last year in Hillsborough County on an armed burglary charge.

-- Michael A. Mohammed and Alexandra Zayas, Times staff writers.

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