Friday, January 25, 2008

Is this illegal immigration

(AKI) - Violence erupted at the Rafah border crossing on Friday as Egyptian guards moved to close holes in the wall separating Egypt from the Gaza Strip.I cannot believe the Egyptians are not shooting the Palestinians like rabid dogs.
This would be like having a 300,000 person suicide bomber convention.
For the past two days, more than 300,000 Palestinians have surged across the border into Egypt to obtain food, medicine and other essential supplies after militants exploded holes in the border fence.

Militants with explosives. How surprising is this?

On Friday morning Egyptian authorities moved to increase the number of security personnel in a bid to restore control.
According to the Arab TV network, Al-Jazeera, Palestinians were using bulldozers to open new holes while Egypt while others resisted Cairo's order to close the border.
Palestinians threw stones at Egyptian guards after they raised batons and shields and formed a human wall close to one of three crossings.
Witnesses said guards fired several shots in the air and used water cannon to disperse residents.

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