Tuesday, December 18, 2007

New Jersey

Anyone care to take a guess why this is a bad idea? Jon Corizine is going to make life in New Jersey harder that it already is.

It is my hope that all the murdering thugs run as fast as they can from Florida to New Jersey and do their killing rampages there so they will not have to be put to death when they are caught and convicted.

TRENTON, N.J. — Marilyn Flax has never been involved in political campaigns.

That changed Monday, when New Jersey Gov. Jon S. Corzine signed a law making New Jersey the first state to abolish the death penalty in more than 40 years.

Flax, whose husband was abducted and murdered in 1989, vowed to work against Corzine and state lawmakers who voted last week to abolish the death penalty.

"I will make sure my voice is used and they are not re-elected again," she said.

John Martini Sr., the man who killed Flax's husband, was among the eight men on New Jersey's death row until Corzine commuted their sentences to life in prison without parole — an attempt to ensure they cannot win an appeal and gain release with the elimination of the death penalty.

N.J. Gov. Jon S. Corzine glances down at a bill he just signed which replaces the state's death penalty with life in prison without any possibility of parole Monday, Dec. 17, 2007 at the State House in Trenton, N.J. The bipartisan bill was passed in the state senate and assembly last week. (AP Photo/MJ Schear)

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