Friday, November 16, 2007

You never know what goes on behind closed doors.

You just have to wonder what went wrong here.

WHITE SPRINGS, Fla. -- Four family members are accused of holding a young woman captive for 10 years, repeatedly tying her up and beating her.

Three adults and a juvenile -- the victim's mother, her mother's boyfriend, her sister and her 12-year-old brother -- were charged with kidnapping and aggravated battery after what Hamilton County Sheriff Harrell Reid called years of violent treatment of a mentally challenged woman, now 27.

"One of the most severe cases of abuse that I have ever seen. She had been falsely imprisoned in her own home by members of her family that beat her, that tied her up," said Reid.

Martha Irene Turner, 46, and Johnny Nichols, 43, were taken into custody by Hamilton County deputies. Jessica Lynn Turner, 23, was arrested in Columbia County, where the family moved after the victim escaped. (Source)

What a bunch of monsters.

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