Tuesday, November 20, 2007

One of the sickest things I have read about in a while

Every so often a story happens (or has been going on before discovery) where two lowlife scumbags do horrible and heinous things to defenseless children (the two monsters pictured below.)
Jamie Lynn Martin, 26 and Suzette Stevenson, 45.

MACCLENNY, Fla. -- The guardian of a 7-year-old boy hospitalized for malnutrition and several injuries was arrested in what the Baker County sheriff calls one of the worst cases of child abuse he has seen. The woman's domestic partner was also arrested.

Suzette Stevenson, 45, and Jamie Lynn Martin, 26, are both charged with aggravated child abuse.

When the boy was found wandering at the Westgate Resort in Osceola County two weeks ago, he told authorities he was given drugs to put him to sleep and left in a car for several hours while the two women checked out a time-share property.

The charges were filed after investigators checked out the boy's claim of ongoing abuse at their home, including several beatings. The boy also said he had been kicked in the stomach, tied to a wall and denied food. H/T News4JAX

These two do not deserve to live in my opinion.

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