Monday, October 29, 2007

Going Green is even a issue in death

I guess I have never contemplated death. I have not even really discussed what to do with what remains. I guess it is long over due.

Now for some thing completely different; Green Funerals.

Peter Neal, a funeral director based in Guilford and spokesman for the Maine Funeral Directors Association, said the trend sounds good on the surface, but presents problems when you dig into the details.

"The green concept is a wonderful concept. There are many areas of our lives that we can" reduce environmental impacts, Neal said. "But this one's a little bit more of a problem."

In Maine, for example, the ground can freeze in winter and make it harder to dig graves. Funeral homes typically store bodies for spring burials, something made easier with formaldehyde and the embalming process.

I guess up north if you kick off in November you might not miss Thanksgiving, Christmas or the New Years Day celebration after all. You might not be a big part of it but you may still be there in body and maybe in spirit.

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