Wednesday, September 05, 2007

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That sums it up.


  1. what,no Frances? :-)
    did the guy try to top himself? Probably. Like you, I have never considered it. A co workers brother just committed suicide, which has left his younger brother and parents totally devastated. My boss is trying to be kind and leave his position open as his parents say he is not ready to come back to work yet, but its been a week and a half, we are so short staffed we need to fill it. I actually put in a double shift Tuesday. How much time is enough in this regard? Dont know.

  2. Wow. I have never met a girl named Frances. I have met plenty of dudes named Francis but never a girl. I must be missing out.

    I wonder what could bring you down so much to make you contemplate suicide.

    Your Boss is being very nice. Where I used to work they only gave you three days.

    You are a swell girl; Frances.

  3. No one calls me Frances, only when I was in trouble as a kid. Its usually Frankie. :-) there are not many female frankies's about either.

    I feel bad for the kid. See,this is the kind of mess that suicides leave behind.
    I used to know a USAF pilot, but he was rather too full of himself for us to be anything than rather good friends. He was he epitomy of a top gun fighter pilot, was very good looking too, which meant I had to fight off the other women like genghis khan on steroids.

    He lost his son rather suddenly to undiagnosed lymphomic cancer, which totally changed him, understandablty so. He never did return to active duty after that, I think they were worried that his ability to fly was seriously jeapordized. To my knowledge he is married with half a dozen more children, bless him. Its a senseless death, and a young boys life cut short, and a parents unfathomable pain.

    I wonder if suicides can be averted if we would just really listen to those around us, and not brush them off, because we are too busy to just stop and listen.


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